VivaOliva2016 (Large)

Doraco at Viva Oliva – 11.06.2016

Viva Oliva Festival is organised to present the cultural achievements of the Oliva district, to integrate local community and to create a platform for fostering neighbourhood relations.

This year’s fifth edition of the Festival, created also a starting point for the celebrations of 90th anniversary of Oliva and Gdańsk joining together. Therefore, Construction Corporation Doraco had to be there as well, also celebrating, but the 25th anniversary.

In the Doraco gardens the visitors had a chance to see the exhibition entitled “Oliva Residents’ Treasures” presenting memorabilia and various histories collected by the district residents. Moreover, on Saturday, the artist Maciej Stranz from Kamyk Studio, with his son Mikołaj, created a sandy mandala of Oliva crest.

At the same time, on the other side of Oliva Park various attractions were organised, such as concerts, workshops for children, presentations done by artists, schools or restaurants located within the district. The streets of Oliva were filled with residents.  At the finale of the colourful parade, the known photographer Maciej Kosycarz took a photo of all participants. It was another photo taken with a smile, a campaign initiated by Doraco company.

Viva Oliva Festival is organised by the Gdańsk Community Foundation, and the Foundation’s mission is to support development of local communities through culture, art and education.

fot. Maciej Kosycarz

fot. M. Kosycarz

fot. M. Kosycarz

fot. M. Kosycarz

fot. M. Kosycarz –  Maciej i Mikołaj Stranz (Kamyk Studio)

fot. M. Kosycarz

fot. Doraco – Andrzej Stelmasiewicz, President of Gdańsk Community Foundation

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