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Forum Gdańsk emerges from the ground, a road infrastructure modernization almost at the halfway point

The surrounding changed beyond all recognition a year after the first spade was pocketed under the Forum Gdańsk construction, a multipurpose complex with a modern public and commercial space that is formed in the center of Gdańsk as a part of the revitalization of the Hay Market and Cancer Market. You can already see walls of the first buildings emerging from the ground that achieved the first floor height in some locations and the construction and road works are at full steam ahead. The modern complex that is formed in the vicinity of the historical Hay Market and Cancer Market is an exceptional and very important investment in our city – said Paweł Adamowicz, the mayor of Gdańsk. This space will give a new quality to the city center of Gdańsk. A new transport hub, places to spend a spare time, cultural facilities, where you could start a historical wandering through the city – those are only some advantages of just developed space of Gdańsk – the mayor highlighted.

Communication system modernization within the project Forum Gdańsk – the achievements to date

Over the last 13 months the Doraco Construction Corporation, the road infrastructure general contractor within the investment Forum Gdańsk, has completely modernized the communication system within the streets of Hucisko – Podwale Grodzkie. It has also completed a new tunnel within Hucisko Street for the newly formed Nowe Podwale Grodzkie Street and a northern section of the new street that is already connected to the existing road system. A pedestrian tunnel has been extended under Wały Jagiellońskie Street in the vicinity of the Brama Wyżynna while the old road overpass over the Radunia Channel has been demolished and in its place a new foot and service bridge has been constructed. Additionally at Nowe Podwale Grodzkie Street a new rectifier station has been come into existence that powers the local tram tracks – it works from the early summer this year.

– As part of the work we placed more than 6 km of cables connecting the new rectifier station with a traction network. We have also reconstructed the water main with a length of 750 m, the medium and low pressure gas pipeline with a total length of almost 700 m, the heating main with a length of almost half a kilometre and we have reconstructed the telecommunication network with a total cable length of over 100 km that provides services to nearly 20 operators – Mr. Wojciech Bróż said, the contract director in Doraco.

– At present we were finalizing the comprehensive reconstruction of the Cancer Market that also includes the underground infrastructure: water supply, sewerage, sanitary, gas, electricity and heating systems. The construction works on the east side of the tunnel for pedestrians and cyclists under Okopowa Street leading to Gdańsk Śródmieście train stop and the tunnels reconstruction within the European Union junction are almost completed. Soon we finish a construction of the new overpasses on Armii Krajowej Avenue – Mr. Wojciech Bróż added.















/in the picture the Mayor of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz accompanied by media representatives, an investor and contractors of the Forum Gdańsk complex, 26.08.2016/

Further scheduled works

Within a reconstruction of the existing overpass within Armii Krajowej Avenue over the tracks will be executed an interchange junction for trams and buses passengers with an access to the platform Gdańsk Śródmieście. The next big execution that will start soon is the expansion of Carl Groddeck Junction including a comprehensive reconstruction of 3 Maja Street from the Groddeck Junction to the Municipal Office. A new tram stop will also be built at the crossroads of 3 Maja and Rogaczewskiego Streets.

– The plans also include the construction of over kilometer of new bicycle paths in the vicinity of Forum Gdańsk and landscaping of nearly 20,000 m2 of green areas. This will be part of the communal public space created within the investment – Mr. Krzysztof Kolasa said, the project manager of Forum Gdańsk.

The completion of all works related to the investment is scheduled in 2017.

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