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Recording a TV programme in the Doraco garden

Several days ago, in the gardens adjoining the offices of the Construction Corporation of Doraco, another episode of the programme entitled “Świat nie jest taki zły”, produced by the Polish Television branch in Gdańsk, was recorded.

”Świat nie jest taki zły” deals with the disabled’s problems. Main characters of each episode are persons that manage perfectly despite of their disability and persons that support the disabled on an everyday basis.

”The next episode will be devoted to persons with spine injuries after road accidents and water jumps”, explains Małgorzata Mrozowska-Krawczyk, the author of the programme.

Guests of the episode will be, among others, Professor Wojciech Kloc, Doctor of Medical Science, Neurosurgeon and Neurotraumatologist, Senior Registrar of the Neurosurgery Ward in the Copernicus Hospital in Gdańsk, Małgorzata Kaczmarek, Doctor of Medical Science from the Rehabilitation Ward of UCK in Gdańsk, Jerzy Świątkiewicz, Doctor of Medical Science, head of the Rehabilitation Ward of the Copernicus Hospital in Gdańsk, and Mirosław Młyński from the Active Rehabilitation Foundation.

The September recording was already the third one produced in the territory of the Construction Corporation of Doraco. Małgorzata Mrozowska-Krawczyk explained reasons for choosing the gardens at Opacka Street as an outdoor studio:

”This is a beautiful public space which lives. In the programme, we talk about people that are active in their life. That is why we would like to record the programme at places that vibrant with life. The gardens are willingly visited and chosen as a walking area. In addition, the weather on that day was good, which is very important for TV recording”.

This episode will be broadcasted by TVP Gdańsk next Monday, 12 September 2016 at 18:05.

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