Integration center Gdańsk Śródmieście within the Gdańsk Forum will improve the movement…

Thanks to the construction of the Gdańsk Forum, city center will obtain a new, improved communication system. One of its key elements is the traffic junction of Gdańsk Śródmieście. The new junction will take over 18% of the existing traffic in the public transport in the area of Śródmieście. Trams will start going that way in a month. On this occasion, on September 28 this year, the Investor, with the participation of Doraco – the general contractor for the road system – and representatives of ZTM (City Transport Company), organized an on-site verification for journalists and community representatives, attended by dozens of people.

A stopover platform – built and financed by the Gdańsk Forum, will be a place in the center of the city allowing convenient changes between buses, trams and SKM trains almost in a “door-to-door” system.

The new junction will be built on a specially adapted existing overpass – thanks to the possibility of transferring traffic to two new flyovers on Armii Krajowej Avenue. Thanks to the direct connection of the junction area with the SKM Gdańsk Śródmieście stop (through a collision-free entryway to the railway platforms), the switchover time will be significantly shortened and the transfer itself will be easier.

Środmieście Junction at a glance:

•  2 new flyovers

•  8 new tram and bus platforms

•  28,000 passengers will use the junction within 24 hours

• The switchover time between a bus or tram and SKM train will be shortened by 10 minutes

• Over 120 million PLN – the amount of money invested in the communication system which will mostly become the property of the City after completion of the construction works. A part of Nowe Podwale Grodzkie street, due to its location under the Gdańsk Forum, will remain the property of the Forum, but it will be a public road.
















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fot. Doraco

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