Best Construction Company Award 2017 for DORACO

We are happy to announce that the Doraco Construction Corporation received a special Best Construction Company Award of 2017 in the prestigious CIJ Awards Poland 2017 competition. The closing ceremony, which took place in Warsaw on 9 November this year, was organized for the sixteenth time. This ceremony is a respected and prestigious event on the Polish and European office, commercial, industrial and residential real estate market. It is also a meeting point for a large group of leading companies, creating new projects, new visions and the entire real estate market.

Once again, the Organizers – CIJ Europe and – proposed a lot of new competition categories, adapted to the changing corporate expectations and demands in the industry, which met with a great interest and support from the market. During the CIJ Awards Poland 2017, 27 companies and institutions were honored in 27 categories.

The award for DORACO was received by the President of the Board – Andżelika Cieślowska.

In the picture Andżelika Cieślowska, the President of Doraco and Robert McLean, Editor in Chief, CIJ Europe

In the picture the winners of the CIJ Awards 2017

Picture story from the ceremony is available on the Organizer’s website.

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