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A DORACO Employee as a spokesperson promoting Gdańsk

What do a MasterChef programme winner or a volleyball player Mateusz Mika have in common with a DORACO employee? They promote Gdańsk together! The next phase of the campaign “Gdańsk. Tu się żyje!” (“Move to Gdańsk!”) has started and one of its spokespersons is Aleksander Stańczuk, a deputy construction manager at Doraco.

They come from different places, have different professions and passions, but they live and work in the same city. They give their reasons for choosing Gdańsk in spots promoting the city. One of the campaign’s heroes is Olek Stańczuk. Why did he decide to participate in the campaign?

“This decision did not come easily. But I concluded that I had never featured in such productions and so it could be quite an adventure. Somewhere in the back of my mind there was this thought that
I liked working and living in Gdańsk, so why not help to promote the city. Gdańsk is where, right after graduation, I found a job with a company that gave me a lot of credit and an opportunity for
a broadly defined development,” Olek Stańczuk explains.

“Such people, people who chose Gdańsk on their own, are precisely the ones we show as our advocates,” Anna Zbierska, the Deputy Director of the Department of Promotion and Social Communication of the City of Gdańsk, says.

All campaign’s promotional footage materials are available on the website: www.gdansk.pl/tu-sie-zyje/

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