Sensory sightseeing of the Oliwa Garden

I See You Foundation organized on 18th June a visit to the Oliwa garden with sensory elements for visually impaired people. We had the pleasure to participate in this event.

The Foundation’s beneficiaries began sensory sightseeing in Gdańsk as part of the “I See the World With Your Eyes” series. One of the first stops on their route was a garden with sensory elements built almost a year ago by DORACO. Currently, the space near the Młyński pond is under the care of the Gdańsk Road and Green Administration.

The Oliwa garden has a variety of sensory stimuli. Among them are: herbal beds, which affect the sense of smell, taste and touch, substrate diversified in texture and colours, as well as elements of small architecture made of wood providing various sensations. During their stay in the Park, the Foundation’s beneficiaries discovered the garden surface and the smells of plants using different senses and listened to various environmental sounds. Representatives of DORACO talked about the idea of the garden. The event was also attended by Ewa Zienkiewicz, a landscape architect who designed the greenery in the garden.

Thank you to the I See You Foundation for the invitation!


Warsaw CEDET comes back anew

On May 17th this year a grand opening of the legendary Warsaw building for city residents took place! CEDET is an investment project of Immobel Poland. DORACO Construction Corporation was the one responsible for revitalization and extension of this famous building. In line with the investor’s intent, the Central Department Store, constructed in 1950s, regained its original character.

The facility, which had been revitalized since 2015, preserved its original foundations and pillars. The historic part of the building, with its very distinctive roof, chimneys and elevation, remained essentially the same, comparing to the original. The facades of this historic building were reconstructed in accordance with its iconic appearance – from before the fire in 1975. A neon sign with a characteristic arrow was put up on the elevation again, imitating the original one dating back to 1950s.

CEDET has 11 storeys, 7 of them above the ground level – with the total usable floor area of 18,460 m2, and
4 underground storeys with the usable floor area of 10,930 m2. Customers will be able to visit the revitalized building this month already. CEDET will serve Warsaw residents and tourists afresh, offering them
a sentimental journey back to the 20th century.

fot. Immobel Poland
fot. Immobel Poland
fot. Immobel Poland

Students and DORACO constructed roofs of the future

23 students of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (discipline: construction) of the Gdańsk University of Technology took part in workshops organised on April 26th and 27th by IAESTE and the DORACO Construction Corporation as part of the CaseWeek. The team that built the best roof construction has a chance to serve an apprenticeship at DORACO during holidays.

4 student groups participated in the workshops, creating their own constructions. DORACO experts chose the team which construction had passed stress tests best (deflection had been measured for the weight of 300 kg). Furthermore, DORACO engineers considered the time necessary to build a given construction and quantities of materials used – the lighter the construction (but enduring as well), the more points for its creators.

The winning team consisted of: Joanna Klimek, Marta Mikielewicz, Mikołaj Plata, Kamil Linstedt, Bartłomiej Pikarski, Mateusz Rogala. We congratulate the winners and thank all CaseWeek participants for their huge commitment!

IAESTE CaseWeek is the largest series of engineering workshops in Poland. It is held in 8 cities, at 9 technical universities. The DORACO Construction Corporation participated for the third time.

fot. Doraco