DORACO as a patron of a new faculty at the Gdańsk University of Technology

Representatives of DORACO Construction Corporation and the faculties of Ocean Technology and Shipbuilding and Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering of the Gdańsk University of Technology signed an agreement on 28 November this year on cooperation on the newly created faculty of inter-departmental graduate degree studies – Maritime and Coastal Engineering.

The new faculty is a response to the demand for a very intensively developing maritime economy and the shortage of specialists educated in this field on the labour market. It is also another alternative for first-degree graduates of the university of technology. Students will be provided with knowledge in the field of hydrotechnical structures design and construction.

– Studies in this new faculty are targeted at people with an entrepreneurial spirit, brave and open to difficult challenges in the engineering business related to the sea and inland waters. The acquisition of knowledge and skills within the framework of the new faculty’s curriculum will help to solve difficult and complex problems related to the design, construction and monitoring of hydrotechnical structures in inland, coastal and maritime areas. After gaining experience, the graduates will manage and supervise large hydrotechnical projects in Poland and abroad. Students educated in the new faculty will be continuators of the numerous generations of outstanding engineers of hydrotechnics educated at the Gdańsk University of Technology, who designed, rebuilt and extended our ports, shipyards and dams, weirs and other hydrotechnical structures – summarizes Ph.D. Eng. Associate Professor Janusz Kozak, Dean of the Faculty of Ocean Technology and Shipbuilding and Ph.D. Eng. Krzysztof Wilde, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environment.

DORACO Construction Corporation, which specializes in hydrotechnical construction, has become a partner of the Maritime and Coastal Engineering faculty.

– Hydrotechnology has always been close to us, we have staff with several decades of experience in this area. In the difficult period for the construction industry we focused on the development and expansion of engineering staff and hydrotechnical specialization. Hydrotechnical projects have naturally become our main area of business. Only this year we launched 5 more projects in Polish ports – says Andżelika Cieślowska, President of the Management Board of DORACO Construction Corporation.

As part of the cooperation, DORACO will support the Gdańsk University of Technology in the transfer of experience and practical knowledge from the implemented contracts, and DORACO experts will provide support to the mentors of the new faculty in the selection and elaboration of diploma theses and the implementation of team projects. The support will also concern scientific circle projects. In cooperation with the departments, the company’s employees will conduct regular lectures and seminars related to the subject matter of the faculty. Students will be able to count on an internship at hydrotechnical construction projects carried out by the company. Eventually, graduates will find employment in hydrotechnical projects carried out by the general contractor, depending on the current demand.


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