DORACO will complete a new Public Ferry Terminal in the Port of Gdynia

On 28 February 2019, the Management Board of DORACO Construction Corporation signed a contract with the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. to construct a new ferry terminal. The project entitled “Construction of a public ferry terminal in the Port of Gdynia” encompasses performance of a complex of works, including construction of a modern building of a ferry terminal with cubic capacity of 30 thousand m3, reconstruction of wharves approx. 600 metres long as well as construction of yards and car-parks with total size of 65 thousand m2. Apart from this, DORACO shall construct a railway connection between wharves, reconstruct the existing road layouts and perform other infrastructural works.

The investment in the Port of Gdynia will make it easier to manoeuvre ferries and make it possible to handle a larger number of ferries and vessels with higher tonnage. It will be feasible to handle ferries with length coming to 240 m (currently, the Hell wharf – guarantees only 175 m) – the new location will enhance the process of manoeuvring ferries and will shorten the time of their stay in the port – the solutions applied will make handling of ships universal. Ferry harbouring operations (i.e. from the start of mooring to departure of a ferry) will not exceed 120 minutes.

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