DORACO a friend of the Matylda Garden

On Friday, July 19, 2019, a new didactic garden was opened for visitors. The Oliwa Zoo has created a unique place for all those interested in learning about the biodiversity of our world. The Matylda Garden is a project of the Gdansk fundraiser Anna Jędrzejewska, in which families, school groups and all interested parties will be able to observe the year-round vegetation of plants.

The garden has received over twenty frames (boxes where plants grow) filled with various vegetables and fruits. All of them are marked with colourful plates, so that even the youngest can recognize the planting. They contain fragrant herbs, as well as vegetables, including beets, potatoes, kohlrabi, tomatoes, pepper and a garden surprise – eggplant. In all-year-round greenhouses you can admire the growth of tomatoes, as well as such exotic plants as coffee and tea shrubs.

The garden is also a mini orchard with several fruit trees and a pond, on the banks of which grows edible sweet rush. There is also a place for frog Helena. Houses for insects, or welcoming Mr. Awokado – these are just a few of the many attractions waiting for visitors to the garden.

– The Matylda Garden project is primarily a story about fruit and vegetables, conveyed in an easy and accessible way for children. It is also an answer to questions: Does a carrot have tops? And why is the beetroot red? The whole project is to introduce children to the origin of food. Food does not come from the market, but from fields, meadows, plots – from the earth. Children’s active participation in light gardening activities will show them the effort that has to be made to grow a plant which can then be eaten. The experience of diversity, the personalised little creatures like frogs and bitterns in the garden will develop children’s creativity and imagination. Tasting, smelling, touching different plants will stimulate their senses and enrich in new, previously unknown experiences. There is nothing more beautiful than participating in a world so rich with plants or animals, and knowing that we are a part of it – says Anna Jędrzejewska, the author of the garden.















on the photo: Anna Jędrzejewska, the author of the garden

Matylda’s Garden is another garden in Oliwa created with active participation of DORACO Building Corporation. Let us remind you: a few years ago the company reconstructed the gardens in Oliwa in the area of its headquarters, surrounding the area of the former Farm together with the Saltzmann manor house. In this way, the French and English gardens, existing in the eighteenth century in this place, were restored. Since 2014, this area has become a natural extension of the Oliwa Park and a favorite place for walks of residents and tourists. In winter, the gardens are illuminated by festive illuminations.

The unique garden was created in the company’s jubilee year of 2017. For its 25th anniversary, DORACO designed and built for the community the first garden in Gdansk with sensory elements. On the area of the garden at the Mill Pond in Oliwa, there were various elements stimulating the senses. Among them were flower beds planted with herbs, affecting the sense of smell, taste, touch and sight, a path that allows to discover different textures and shapes, elements of small architecture made of wood or educational boards.

The Matylda Garden in the Gdansk Zoo can be visited daily, 10.00-16.00, after purchasing a ticket to the Zoo.






























DORACO BikeTeam on WISŁA1200 marathon

The second edition of the bicycle marathon Wisła1200, which launched on 6 July this year, will be participated by a 5-person DORACO BikeTeam. This year’s event will have nearly 400 participants. Within max. 200 hours they have to cover a distance of 1200 km along the Vistula River, starting from its source in Barania Góra, and ending at the finish line at Gdansk’s Ołowianka.

The challenge can be followed here on an ongoing basis.

July 11 update:

Mariusz Kuliga, taking part in the Wisła1200 marathon for the second time, reached the finish line on Thursday afternoon first. Compared to last year’s start, he improved his time by almost 23 hours. The rest of the team finished in the evening. Congratulations to everyone!

photo: Doraco

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Cooperation with Port of Gdynia – welcome cruise and progress on the terminal construction site

On Thursday, 27 June this year, the biggest cruise ship in this season – Norwegian Getaway – sailed into the port of Gdynia. Within the framework of cooperation with the port we had the pleasure to participate in the welcome cruise of this huge vessel measuring 325 meters, as the galleon was headed also to the investment project presently implemented by DORACO in the Port of Gdynia – the construction of a passenger terminal. Krzysztof Tomczuk told the audience about the works on the construction site.

The cruise was attended by representatives of the Tricity media, winners of competitions and children from orphanages and the charges of aid foundations. Everyone, especially the youngest ones, was entertained by a mascot, a squirrel Doratka, who together with the port’s Pirate organized maritime games and quiz.

Find a photo report from the event below.
























































fot. Doraco