DORACO BikeTeam on WISŁA1200 marathon

The second edition of the bicycle marathon Wisła1200, which launched on 6 July this year, will be participated by a 5-person DORACO BikeTeam. This year’s event will have nearly 400 participants. Within max. 200 hours they have to cover a distance of 1200 km along the Vistula River, starting from its source in Barania Góra, and ending at the finish line at Gdansk’s Ołowianka.

The challenge can be followed here on an ongoing basis.

July 11 update:

Mariusz Kuliga, taking part in the Wisła1200 marathon for the second time, reached the finish line on Thursday afternoon first. Compared to last year’s start, he improved his time by almost 23 hours. The rest of the team finished in the evening. Congratulations to everyone!

photo: Doraco