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Foundation stone embedded at Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport!

On Friday, 5 June, the ceremonial signing was held of the foundation act and laying the foundation stone for the extension of Passenger Terminal T2 at Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport by adding a western wing.

– Recent months required the introduction of new principles related to the work of our team in view of the present situation. However, this did not influence the schedule of activities. – states Karol Zduńczyk, President of DORACO Management Board. – The foundation stone, being a symbol of a building’s stability, has taken on additional importance at present – stability is something that we miss, no matter in which part of the globe we are.

The new, additional area of 16 thousand m2 will increase safety and the quality of service for passengers of the Airport in Gdańsk. The investment will have a significant influence on the region’s development.

– We are laying the foundation stone under the third stage of the terminal’s extension. We shall not stop and we have even greater determination to develop. In spite of epidemics and crises, we boldly extend the infrastructure, believing that it will serve our passengers well and help them to travel comfortably and safely. – said Tomasz Kloskowski, President of Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport.

Nearly 100 people are working on the current stage of the investment, whereas at its peak, the number of staff members will increase to approximately five hundred.


The agreement for extension of the terminal was signed by the Gdańsk Airport with the DORACO Construction Corporation on 15 October 2019.

Work conducted so far:

– building the reinforced-concrete underground part of the building and underground reinforced-concrete installation channel,

– 70% of construction elements: walls and posts at zero level,

– 95% of earthworks.

In progress:

– making reinforced concrete posts at 0 level made of architectural concrete,

– building a ceiling at 0.5 level (mezzanine) in the southern part of the building,

– building a ceiling at 1.0 level in the northern part of the building,

– building walls and posts at 0.5 storey (mezzanine) in the southern part of the building,

– underground installations around the terminal building.

Planned works:

– in late June / early July – commencing assembly of the steel structure of the building wing,

– in July and August – beginning building external staircases on the airport apron,

– in late August / early September – beginning assembly of aluminium and glass facade.

662 tons of reinforced steel have been used for work conducted so far;

Approx. 34,500 cubic metres of earth have been dug, as approximately 1900 truckloads of spoil were carried away;

Approx. 12,300 cubic metres of foundation backfills have been made;

4,820 cubic metres of concrete have been poured, an amount corresponding to 535 concrete mixers.

A detailed account of the event is available on the Investor’s website.


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