Wiecha Port Lotniczy Gdańsk Doraco1

Traditional topping out at the western pier construction site (Airport Gdańsk)

DORACO is building a pier for Lech Walesa Gdansk Airport, which will be an extension of the existing passenger terminal T2 to the west. Recently, the pier builders hung the traditional topping out, symbolizing the completion of the construction of the highest point of the facility.

“We are expanding the terminal in order to serve our passengers in future, who will undoubtedly come back to us within a year or two. Our cities and our regions will continue to thrive no matter when the coronavirus pandemic ends. We need an infrastructure that is ready to serve these growing and expanding cities. The airport is such an infrastructure, and the most important place is the terminal, where passengers will be served. One should not be afraid of the times we live in but look forward to the future and believe that we will be back to normal in a moment. The construction of the terminals is sensational because it is carried out within its assumed time limits. We have not exceeded the costs we had assumed as well. During the raging pandemic, the construction of the pier is where we are doing a great job” – said Tomasz Klosowski, the President of Lech Walesa Airport in Gdansk.

“The construction of the western pier of the Gdansk Airport is at the stage when the topping out is traditionally placed on the construction site. Despite the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, all activities are carried out according to the plan. The building has reached its proper height, the roofing works are in progress, and the finishing works are ahead of us, among which the most visible are the façade works as they reflect the character to the new building. Equally important are activities related to the assembly of all electrical, teletechnical and sanitary installations” – added Karol Zdunczyk, the President of the DORACO Management Board.


After the expansion of the passenger terminal, Gdansk Airport will gain almost 16 thousand sq. m. of new space (now it is approx. 45 thousand sq. m.). The new pier will serve passengers on scheduled flights, traveling to non-Schengen countries, and a part of the new facility will also be used to serve the passengers from the Schengen zone.

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