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A Perch on the Northern Stand of F. Krygier City Stadium in Szczecin

A perch was hung on 4 October, Monday, on the northern stand of the F. Krygier City Stadium in Szczecin. The topping-out ceremony is an old tradition in the construction industry, which means that a particular stage of the construction works has ended. It is an opportunity to thank all persons involved in the implementation of the entire project. The solemn meeting was attended, among others, by President Piotr Krzystek, President of the Management Board of Pogoń Szczecin – Jarosław Mroczek, and Karol Zduńczyk – President of the Management Board of DORACO, the General Contractor of the investment.

Ph. Pogoń Szczecin

Ph. Pogoń Szczecin

The works on the construction of the northern stand are at an advanced stage. Part of the stand for VIP fans has already taken shape. At the same time, subsequent elements of the roof’s steel construction are still being installed, as well as works on backup facilities of the stands. The surroundings of the stadium from Twardowskiego Street to Karłowicza Street are also underway. The end of construction works is scheduled for spring 2022.

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