Sector-Specific Debate Within the Building Sector in Poland 2022 Forum

This year’s sector-specific debate within the 6th Building Sector in Poland 2022 Forum was held on 7 October. It was an opportunity to meet, exchange experiences, and carry out substantive talks with representatives of management boards of building companies from all over Poland. The primary subject matter of all the discussion panels included a forecast of development of the building market in upcoming years, looking through the prism of current problems, also connected with the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting this field of economy.

One of the speakers within the panel concerning residential/commercial/industrial buildings was Karol Zduńczyk – President of the Management Board of DORACO. He paid attention, among other things, to the necessity of valorizing contracts with investors in the context of changes in prices of building materials. Now, the remarkable rise in prices of materials and repeatedly their limited availability and a shortage of staff members are huge challenges for building companies. However, it must be emphasised that the industry copes well with the said issues – the building sector, as one of few industries, did not record a decline in 2020.

The organizer prepared a summary of the events.


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