Doraco at the FREE TIME Festival – 1 and 2 April 2017

On the first days of April, Korporacja Budowlana Doraco took part in the Free Time Festival, which was held in the exhibition and congress centre Amber Expo in Gdańsk.
At the green stand promoting Doraco Gardens, which is a unique public space next to the Oliwski Park, visitors could play petanque on the specially prepared rink and then rest on a bench and watch films about attractions offered to visitors to date.

The Free Time Festival is a multidisciplinary bank of ideas how to spend free time in a creative and pleasant way. This event is addressed to people that do not like boredom, want to spend their time actively and creatively, to families with kids that look for unusual and interesting tourism, cultural, sports and recreational attractions.


Christmas illumination of DORACO gardens awarded!

We are pleased to inform you that Korporacja Budowlana DORACO Sp. z o.o. got a SPECIAL AWARD for Christmas illumination of DORACO gardens in former Saltsmann’s Manor at 12 Opacka Street in Gdańsk Oliwa in the competition for the Best Illuminated Municipality and Town of 2016 and the Best Lighting Project of 2016.
The jury justified the award as follows:
The Commission found that project as particularly visually attractive. Its light climate creates a good space for community meetings, which is in favour of integration and physical activity of residents in winter. It must be noted that the project, thanks to its colours and dash, became a showpiece of Oliwa, although it was located on a private property.

The main organiser of the competition, whose major objective was to award and promote the best and exemplary lighting solutions, was the Polish Association of the Lighting Industry.
Statuettes were officially awarded on 22 March 2017 in Warsaw during the 2017 Light Fairs.


Cornerstone laying ceremony of the Marszałkowska Centre

On 7 December, the cornerstone was laid for the construction of the Marszałkowska Centre. The representatives of Korporacja Budowlana Doraco, the General Contractor of the project, had to be there as well. Already in Q1 2018, BBI Development S.A. and Warszawska Spółdzielnia Spożywców Społem Śródmieście will commission a modern A+ office-commercial-service facility, including the cult Sezam department store. It will be the first building in the capital integrated with the underground network via the connection with the Świętokrzyska station located at the crossing of two metro lines. The new opening of the building will certainly delight Varsovians with its unprecedented scale of introducing vegetation into the centre on 9 green terraces and the revitalization of Witold Rowicki passage with attractive landscaping.

fot. Doraco

fot. Doraco

The Marszałkowska Centre construction is progressing effectively and as planned. The structure of the whole building will reach the ceiling of the first floor above the underground station already in March 2017 and will start going up. The integration of the building with the underground has been already completed as a part of the building work. The demolition of the wall that separates the mezzanine of the station from the Marszałkowska Centre will take place in the last phase of work, so as to minimise the impact of the ongoing construction on the operation of the station. The underground users may already notice an information board that shows the future entry to the shopping centre.

fot. Doraco

The investment project offers 16,500 sq.m. in total, including 3,400 sq.m. dedicated to retail and services. The remaining areas will be allocated to offices that will guarantee comfortable working conditions while caring for the natural environment as well. The investor anticipates that the use of ecological solutions should guarantee the BREEAM Europe Commercial standard 2009 certificate on the ‘very good’ level. The project is supplemented with a two-level underground car park for 106 cars and a bike park with a changing room and showers.


Opening DORACO Office in Warsaw

We are pleased to announce that due to the dynamic development and the implementation of the growing number of investment projects in Warsaw, Korporacja Budowlana Doraco has opened a new branch in the capital. The opening ceremony was held in Foksal street on 7 December 2016

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Opening the largest Advent Calendar in Poland and the Christmas illumination

On 6 December, St. Nicholas’ Day, the opening ceremony of Christmas illumination was held in the Doraco gardens. At 4 p.m., a large crowd gathered on the yard, expecting the lights to go on. An Elf-animator entertained a younger part of audience with quizzes about Oliwa and Doraco.

The largest Advent calendar in Poland was erected in gardens to commemorate the jubilee year of Doraco. It will be supplemented with sweets several times a day, starting from 6 December to the Christmas Eve.

The fabulous illuminations can be admired until January. We hope you will enjoy the evening walks in the park!

fot. Doraco

fot. Doraco

fot. Doraco



DORACO Certified ‘”Pearl of Polish Economy 2016″

We are pleased to announce that Korporacja Budowlana DORACO has received the “Pearl of Polish Economy” certificate in the ranking prepared by the scientists of the Collegium of Economic Analysis, Warsaw School of Economics.

The ranking is the outcome of studies on the condition of Polish enterprises and the title is granted based on the detailed criteria and methodologies used in the international auditing practice. The presence in the ranking depends not only on the size of a business measured with the value of its total income but also on its efficiency, dynamics, and financial liquidity.

This is already the fourteenth edition of the event, organised by the publisher of the Polish Market magazine together with researchers, professors of economics. This year’s Gala of the Pearls of Polish Economy will be held at the Ball Room of the Royal Castle in Warsaw on 28 October.

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Recording a TV programme in the Doraco garden

Several days ago, in the gardens adjoining the offices of the Construction Corporation of Doraco, another episode of the programme entitled “Świat nie jest taki zły”, produced by the Polish Television branch in Gdańsk, was recorded.

”Świat nie jest taki zły” deals with the disabled’s problems. Main characters of each episode are persons that manage perfectly despite of their disability and persons that support the disabled on an everyday basis.

”The next episode will be devoted to persons with spine injuries after road accidents and water jumps”, explains Małgorzata Mrozowska-Krawczyk, the author of the programme.

Guests of the episode will be, among others, Professor Wojciech Kloc, Doctor of Medical Science, Neurosurgeon and Neurotraumatologist, Senior Registrar of the Neurosurgery Ward in the Copernicus Hospital in Gdańsk, Małgorzata Kaczmarek, Doctor of Medical Science from the Rehabilitation Ward of UCK in Gdańsk, Jerzy Świątkiewicz, Doctor of Medical Science, head of the Rehabilitation Ward of the Copernicus Hospital in Gdańsk, and Mirosław Młyński from the Active Rehabilitation Foundation.

The September recording was already the third one produced in the territory of the Construction Corporation of Doraco. Małgorzata Mrozowska-Krawczyk explained reasons for choosing the gardens at Opacka Street as an outdoor studio:

”This is a beautiful public space which lives. In the programme, we talk about people that are active in their life. That is why we would like to record the programme at places that vibrant with life. The gardens are willingly visited and chosen as a walking area. In addition, the weather on that day was good, which is very important for TV recording”.

This episode will be broadcasted by TVP Gdańsk next Monday, 12 September 2016 at 18:05.

fot. Doraco

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Family Picnic on the Bishop Hill in Gdańsk

Last Saturday of the vacation on 27 August 2016 the Family Picnic took place on the Bishop Hill within the cycle To Understand August. The Doraco Construction Corporation supported the event by providing its participants with a viewing terrace including a telescope that is a perfect spot to observe Gdańsk panorama and the emerging Forum Gdańsk complex, the investment executed, among others, by Doraco.

Residents of the Bishop Hill worked together for a month prior to the event to decorate their surroundings, including painting two murals, planting flowers and arranging a backyard neglected so far at Na Stoku Street. A culmination of the efforts was the Picnic that involved not only the estate residents but also from other districts of Gdańsk.

The event participants had the opportunity to listen to two concerts – performed by the “Pumps Repair” band of Gdańsk and children who were premiered on that day before a wide audience on unusual instruments made personally during music workshops. Trips around the district were also organized for volunteers with the local guides, among others a special tour following the writer Brunon Zwarra, the author of adventures of the cultic cockney of­ Gdańsk as well as a photo exhibition and the movie screening of “The woman with no space” with an open discussion. There were also the attractions for kids.

The Bishop Hill is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Gdańsk located on the hill at the border between the Downtown and Chełm districts. The Doraco Construction Corporation supported the several local initiatives in the district so far, among others by giving books donated by employees to the WAGA Association library.














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