A time capsule at the construction site of “Granaria Gdańsk”

On Tuesday, February 2nd, a time capsule has been buried for posterity at the construction site of the 2nd development stage of Wyspa Spichrzów (Granary Island) “Granaria Gdańsk”. We have the pleasure of building this project as a general contractor in cooperation with the following companies: Keller Polska responsible for the foundation works and Bauhaus in charge of reinforced concrete construction works.

An account from the event has been prepared by Tró


The 1st stage of works at the city stadium in Szczecin is over!

DORACO has completed the 1st stage of works at the city stadium in Szczecin. Four pitches are now ready, including one in the pneumatic hall, and two stadium stands. Next month, a building of the Children and Youth Training Centre will be registered for final acceptance.

On Wednesday, January 27th, we presented the effects of our work to-date together with the Investor and the Pogoń Szczecin Club, to Mr. Piotr Krzystek, the Mayor of Szczecin, and  invited media representatives. Please watch an account prepared by the Głos Szczeciński:



DORACO employees help the needy ones

Since its origin, DORACO has been regularly supporting the needy. As every year in December, company staff members took part in the “Szlachetna paczka” (“Precious Gift”) and “Każdy może pomóc” campaigns (“Everyone can help”) organized by the City Family Support Centre (MOPR) in Gdańsk. We believe that thanks to these joint efforts and help, selected needy families will have a happier Christmas, and a smile will appear on the faces of the little wards of the City Family Support Centre when they sees the gift of their dreams.




DORACO will complete works at the airport in Radom

On 29 October 2020, the Management Board of DORACO signed a contract for the extension of the Radom-Sadków Airport. It is yet another airport in the company’s portfolio.

Within the contract’s scope to be implemented according to the “design and build” formula, the company will construct taxiways and parking aprons and technical infrastructure on the eastern side of the airport.

The contract performance time is 16 months; however, no longer than 30 March 2022. The contract’s value is PLN 24,600,000.00 gross.


Mounting of girders which will support the new pier’s roof at Gdańsk Airport is underway

The first steel structural elements, which will serve as the roof’s structure and “grate” for the pier building’s aluminum and glass facade, were erected at the construction site of the western pier at Gdańsk Airport. DORACO is mounting the girders, each of them comprising of five sections, 36 meters long and weighing 12 tons. So far, four sections have been erected, and ultimately, there will be 20. The erection process will last around a month. The girders will be linked with each other and stiffened with additional steel beams. Together, they will form a structure that will be 180 meters long and 44 meters wide. Its total weight will be 600 tons. The structure will be mounted on “tree-shaped” steel columns with two and four supporting “branches.”