We highly value experienced professionals who have appropriate knowledge and competencies to work independently.


We provide young, ambitious people who want to familiarize themselves with the specific character of work in a given profession with the possibility of gaining new knowledge, competencies and skills within the framework of On-the-job Training or Internship Programs. They are a chance not only to gain new knowledge and get to know the realities of professional work, but they also allow young people to become acquainted with staff members, standards and customs in the company.

Graduates can expect interesting professional challenges, where under the eye of experienced colleagues they can be introduced to work and gain experience in the most interesting construction projects within the Tri-City.

We are seeking candidates for various positions, mainly construction and environmental engineers and experts in a given sector, but also those specializing in finance, administration or in the area of customer service.

SOLID PROFESSIONAL (physical work)

We employ conscientious and precise professionals who with their experience and work complement our staff on conducted investments.