The Construction Corporation DORACO has completed the largest investment project in the municipality of Mikołajki in the post-war history of the town – the reconstruction of the Mikołajskie Lake promenade along Kajki and 3 Maja Streets. The investor is the Mikołajki Town and Municipality Office.

DORACO’s tasks included the reconstruction of a total of 1,526 m of quay, with an extension of 2 meters into the water, including:

– reconstruction of the old quay of over 1,300 m in length – a new construction was executed: reinforced concrete pile caps on the waterside and on the land side situated on piles; reinforced concrete structural slabs and road surfaces were placed on the pile caps, and:

– reconstruction of the old quay of about 200 m in length – by plunging the sheet pile wall (11 m long) and building a new reinforced concrete pile cap for the quay.

Besides, two fixed public piers in reinforced concrete technology and eight fixed wooden piers were created. These were supplemented by five new public floating piers in the technology of reinforced concrete pontoons moored on dead anchors. Cable and installation culverts are located in the platforms, through which electrical and water supply systems are routed to supply power and water supply points. Together with the entire rebuilt quay, they form a marina management system for 141 berths, supplemented with 34 water dispensers and electricity hook-up points to serve the mooring yachts, definitely facilitating the stay of the sailors.


Moreover, three berths for ships and 32 for fishing boats, and two reinforced concrete slips with the structure enclosed by an 11 m high sheet pile wall were constructed.

The following building structures were also erected as part of the contract: two social buildings and four rest sheds, with a total size of about 2,000 m3. New road surfaces with a total area of 11,454 m2 were constructed along the length of the quays. They were supplemented with wooden surfaces for pedestrian traffic and vegetation and a number of street furniture objects. Underground infrastructure and sanitary, electrical and teletechnical networks were also rebuilt.


It is worth noting that the investment was designed and performed to be used by people with disabilities.

A strip made up of of warning plates for blind and visually impaired persons was incorporated into the paving alongside the entire length of the promenade in the vicinity of the edges of the quay. Walking on the boardwalk, you can encounter information boards about the route of the Great Masurian Lakes, including in the Braille system, and restroom facility buildings are adapted for wheelchair users.


The contract value was PLN 40,245,113.50.