The project involved the construction of production facility for wind towers in island of Ostrow Brdowski in Szczecin. The facility will manufacture foundations for offshore wind towers, which will be assembled on the sea masts and wind turbines.

This is one of the largest production facilities in Poland, its volume is 1 100 000 m3. The area of the hall is 2 hectares, and the entire steel structure is weigh approx. 5 000 tonnes.

The project included the construction of a Paint Hall with a usable area of 4405 m2 and a height of 27,0 m. The design of the hall is placed on reinforced concrete piles.
Bulky gates is installed in both facilities with dimensions of 35 mx 31 m and 35 mx 20 m (Main Hall) and 25 mx 25 m (Paint Hall).

The investment increase the role of Szczecin in the offshore energy sector. The scale and scope of this project will significantly affect the economy of the region. Construction of offshore wind energy aims to improve the processes of energy production from renewable sources.

The Project is co-financed under Operational Programme for Innovative Economy 2007-20013.