DORACO has obtained contracts for the expansion of the Zbożowe Quay and the Wisłoujście Quay over a total length of over 1000 meters. The purpose of the investment was to improve the conditions and safety of navigation at the Inner Port in Gdańsk.

The structure of the Wisłoujście Wharf (depth at the quay) and the quay line have been adapted to the requirements of the planned Water Track. The parameters of the new waterway track are: 90 m wide and 12.0 m deep. The construction of the quay is a shore lining with the possibility of mooring port technical vessels such as fire-fighting vessels, tugs and other; equipped with mooring and buoying devices, water intake points, electrical power access points and a sanitary sewage collection point from the vessels. The implementation was completed in July 2020.

The construction work on the Zbożowe Quay consisted in building a new 629 m long quay with pile cap design, to a technical depth of -7.0 m. The quay was divided into ten construction zones, comprising a total of 28 expansion joint sections, including slipways for the service of vessels, along with a low wharf for the service of these vessels. The finish of works is planned in August 2021.

Wisłoujście Quay. Ph. DORACO

Zbożowe Quay. Ph. DORACO