Modernization of the building was based on the revitalization of the existing fabric of the building – the building from the 30s of the last century. The building after renovation consists of four floors: the ground floor equipped conference rooms and two floors and an attic (which will be converted into usable area) for the purpose of offices where almost 60 people will work.

The modernized building has been restored to its original, pre-war order of the facade, with an entrance from the street and original terrazzo staircase . The revitalized building was equipped with modern ecological technologies, including a system of rational water, sewage and electricity . The attractiveness of the property is a ” living city”, which is a vertical garden installed on the front facade.

Ecological Solutions :

  • save energy – daylight: the creation of an internal atrium running through all the ground floors, which is fed natural light into the building, light will also come to the garage, which is applied to a system of skylights,
  • save water – rainwater and water from the basins (called ” gray water” ) is stored in the storage reservoir and then used to flush toilets,
  • full segregation of waste – organic waste, after appropriate processing, will be used to fertilize the garden next to the building.

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