DORACO, as the leader of the consortium with Boskalis, carries out the first part of the works as part of the modernization of the internal fairway, i.e. the reconstruction of the quays that constitute the lining of the fairway. The contractor’s tasks include the extension of almost 400 meters of the following quays: Postojowe Niskie / BON base, Wiślane Quay and Szczecińskie Quay.

As part of it, DORACO will carry out demolition works, construction works of the wharf, expansion of electrical and plumbing installations, dredging works and cleaning of the reservoir. The planned duration of the investment is 67 weeks from the date of signing the contract.
DORACO has also obtained contracts for the extension of the Zbożowe Quay and the Wisłoujście Quay over a total length of over 1000 meters. These works should be completed within 74 weeks from the date of signing the contract.