The DORACO Construction Corporation is beginning redevelopment of the Fishing Port in Frombork.

The project aims to stop further degradation of the quays, improve the berthing conditions for vessels, unloading, and ship handling conditions, and increase the protection of the port basin against excessive waves.

Within the scope of the works, DORACO will perform:

  • The reconstruction of the following hydrotechnical structures with a total length of about 400 meters at:
    – the Eastern Quay
    – the Southern Quay
    – the Western Slip Quay
    – the Western Quay
    – surfaces on the above quays and the maneuvering yard
  • The repair of hydrotechnical structures with a total length of approx. 340 m at:
    – the eastern seawall
    – the western seawall
    – the eastern breakwater
    – the western breakwater
  • The construction of the following connections: water supply line, extra-high voltage power supply line, storm drainage outlets
  • The construction of landscaping elements, fencing, lighting, and power and water points for vessels.