The scope of work included the macrolevelling  of an area of 16,000 m2, sewerage, telephone lines, cable lines and execution of water and sewage networks of 2861 mb. It also included the construction of sites and access roads – 34,500 m2 together with greenery, acoustic screen, fence and lighting of the area.

Project Timeframe: from June 1996 to September 1996



The scope of work included armament of rainwater reservoirs, construction of water supply network, sewage and stormwater with wells, gas supply network, thermal reconstruction of drainage facilities, squares and roads.

Project Timeframe: from June 1996 to October 1996



The contract included a comprehensive internal installations in the building, water and sewage networks, together with water tanks, fire protection tanks and sanitary sewage tanks, roads, parking and maneuvering squares. In addition, sanitary sewage collector was made to collect externall rain water.  We also built and modernized the roundabout and street driveway.

Project Timeframe: from April 2002 to October 2002