Waste Treatment Plant was built under the project called Modernization of waste management in Gdansk.

The project aimed to build a modern, meeting the standards of BAT (Best Available Technique – Best Available Techniques ) Municipal Waste Management Plant with an annual capacity of 140 000 Mg, changes in mixed municipal waste based on the technology of biological and mechanical treatment of waste.

The technologies were designed to allow the processing of waste :

  • selectively collected divided into: waste paper, plastics, clear glass and tinted glass
  • collected in so called dual system divided into dry and wet fraction
  • mixed waste

through, i.a. : the construction of sorting plant, composting, new sealed storage accommodation with degassing system and drainage.


This project was carried out in 2008-2011 by the consortium :

Hydrobudowa Poland SA – PBG SA , Hydrobudowa 9
Doraco Construction Corporation Ltd.
Vauche SA