Construction of sewage treatment plant in Gdansk Przymorze.

The project within general constructing framework included a construction of centrifuge station with storage yards, pipeline and discharge sediment of drip channel in the sewage treatment plant “East”.

I stage – from July 1992 to May 1993

The work also included a construction of sewage pumping station along with access roads, squares and small architecture, implementation of the underground and above-ground pumping stations, as part of the technological and mechanical construction of the building.

The next stage of modernization proceeded in the years 2009 – 2011.

The modernization of the sewage treatment plant aimed at adjusting the parameters of wastewater treatment to more stringent requirements for total nitrogen removal of up to 10 mg / dm3. After upgrading the sewage treatment capacity increased to 120 000 m3 / d.

The construction works included: replacement of screens, grit construction, repair primary settling tanks, reconstruction of biological reactors, methanol dosing installation, reconstruction of an installation for receiving float of secondary settling tanks, sludge disintegration system, modernization of closed digester, renovation of the outdoor swimming pools, water plant construction of fermentation process and the construction of installations for rinsing sand from sewage.