The investment was carried out in the General Contractor system, it consisted in the reconstruction of the slipway and the ramp along with the infrastructure in order to build ships with parameters L = 265 m and B = 37.3 m.

The scope of work included, among others:

construction of a 50 m long pier for the extension of the southern track of the crane;
construction of quays approximately 100 m long;
reconstruction of the slipway basin – widening by 12.5 m and lengthening by 15 m towards the water;
construction of a new northern track with a length of 331 m of reinforced concrete structure for a crane with a span of 98.5 m and a lifting capacity of 450 t
and reconstruction of the south track;
construction of tracks with a span of 10 m and 14 m and a length of 315 m for shipyard cranes;
construction of a new reinforced concrete square with an area of 20,000 m, adapted to section prefabrication.