Charity of Doraco – Dragon Boats Race

Last Saturday on the 9th of September, on the waters of the Motława River, charity regatta of Dragon Boats took place. 8 teams consisting of representatives of Tricity companies, including DORACO, raced in two-ton vessels in 16-person groups. All of this happened for the students of J. Korczak Children’s Home in Gdańsk, to which the funds collected during the event will be donated.

DORACO Team, composed of employees from different divisions and of different ages (the youngest competitor was 23 years old and the oldest 76), covered the distance from the bridge at the Green Gate to the Crane three times, finishing 6th. But in the end, it was not the placing, but fun and, above all, helping the children that counted the most.

– The atmosphere was amazing, it looked as if professionals were racing. I think it is a great start to a series of such competitions. The number of people who want to help others is enormous, you just have to give them a clue on how to do it. I am truly impressed by the competing teams. Synchronizing the movements of 20 people is really a difficult task – said Janusz Zdzitowiecki, President of Rotary Gdańsk Center, the initiator of the event.

Feel invited to watch photo report from the event below.

fot. Doraco

fot. Doraco

fot. Doraco

fot. Piotr Mozala

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