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Students of the Gdańsk University of Technology visit the Gdańsk Forum

On 11 October 2017, a group of 4th year students of Transport Infrastructure at the Gdańsk University of Technology together with their supervisor Jacek Szmagliński took part in the field activities on the Gdańsk Forum construction site. The aim of this project was to become acquainted with the process of selected track works such as: fastening of rails to the sleepers, rail welding, assembly of crossing slabs.

The DORACO Construction Corporation is the general contractor for road and rail works. Under the supervision of DORACO engineers, students had the opportunity to observe, among others, the assembly of turnouts for SPT-06 pre-tensioned, pre-stressed concrete turnout sleepers and the thermite welding methodology of tram rails. The students have also seen the process of preparatory work, preceding the welding stage, for example: sliding rails with track lifts in vertical and horizontal directions. The observation of construction works in progress allowed the students to get the full picture of how the specialists do their job by showing the precision and amount of time required to properly prepare the rails for joining. In addition, the students were able to see one of the first ROSEHILL RAIL road-rail crossings in Poland and become acquainted with the technical details of this solution.

– The on-site observation of construction works in progress allows the students to see what kind of problems need to be faced on the construction site – says Andżelika Cieślowska, President of the Management Board of Doraco Construction Corporation. Such complex investments as the reconstruction of the road system, which we carry out within the Gdańsk Forum, require careful planning, involvement of a number of specialists, and strict adherence to conceptual design and work schedules. I am convinced that today’s visit will help the railroad construction students understand the specificities of the industry and get to know the requirements of employers.

Doraco Construction Corporation has been cooperating with Gdańsk University of Technology for many years, taking into account the need to combine academic and practical education of students from technical faculties. For several years the company has also been taking part in the IAESTE Caseweek, where the Doraco specialists conduct lectures at the university to share their knowledge and experience.

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