Inspirational examples in DORACO

“Today’s question is: what will you do with your life? In what direction do you want to develop? Do you want to study or develop professionally? I encourage you to pursue your passions and what you see as your destiny” said Andżelika Cieślowska to the students of the 6th High School in Gdańsk.

Last Tuesday, the classes were held at the DORACO headquarters as part of the “Inspirational Examples” (Inspirujące Przykłady) foundation program.

Inspirational Examples is a program addressed to young people aged 15-18 aimed at showing attractive examples of Pomeranian entrepreneurship. The goal of the project, which was created in cooperation with regional business, is to develop attitudes more conducive to entrepreneurial activity and to raise awareness of the need to shape skills that are not only needed by the future founders of companies or employees, but also citizens. The point is that the students not only learn about the possibilities of creating new jobs themselves, but also recognize the need for continuous education and adaptation to constantly changing requirements.

fot. Doraco

The students of the Sixth High School in Gdańsk, under the supervision of engineers from DORACO, were asked to build a construction, using tapes, jellies and spaghetti pasta, which was later subjected to load tests. The aim of the task was to familiarize the participants with the basic principles of construction, but also – due to non-standard building materials – to encourage creativity and team spirit. The winning group built a structure that withstood the biggest load of 3400 grams.



fot. Doraco

In addition to the workshop part, the employees introduced the students to the realities of a construction company and familiarized them with the basic principles of construction and the specificity of the materials used. The students also listened to the speech of the President Andżelika Cieślowska, who told them about her career path. She also indicated what is important when it comes to planning a professional career and what features of potential employees, not only those related to technical competence, are needed to manage a contemporary, constantly changing labor market.

“Develop through learning about life, experience and fun, not through compulsion, or studying by heart” the President of the DORACO Board advised the students.

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