DORACO awarded during the Builder Awards 2017 Gala

Builder Awards are prestigious awards that for 15 years have been granted by the monthly Builder. On January 23rd, 2018 a gala was held in Multikino Złote Tarasy in Warsaw, during which the most important representatives of the construction industry were awarded. The Doraco Construction Corporation was granted the title of the “Construction Company of the Year”. In addition, Andżelika Cieślowska, President of the Management Board, and Piotr Plichta, Contract Manager, were awarded individually.

Builder Awards is a competition aimed at contractors, developers and designers as well as providers of solutions for the construction industry and companies supporting development of the sector. The competition consists of two stages, the first one being open for anyone willing to enter. Then the Competition Jury verifies the entries and awards a selected group of companies – leaders in each sector. During the gala in Warsaw, held to celebrate last year’s achievements of the industry, awards were collected by DORACO representatives.

The DORACO Construction Corporation was granted the title of the “Construction Company of the Year”. The award was collected by Andżelika Cieślowska, the President of the Management Board of the company, who was also granted the award “Personality of the Year 2017”. Since 2006, under her supervision the company has completed a few dozens big and complex investment projects of total value amounting to several hundred million euro. Just in 2017 DORACO became the general contractor of the Yacht Park housing estate including a marina, located in Gdynia, Ibis hotel in Warsaw or the office building Eternum in Gdańsk. The company also concluded a contract with the Port of Gdansk Authority on modernization of quays in the port of Gdańsk, this way coming back to hydrotechnical projects which constitute an important part of its achievements.

photo by the Organizer, the third from the right – Andżelika Cieślowska, President of the Management Board of DORACO

photo by the Organizer, in the middle – Piotr Plichta, DORACO Contract Manager

We congratulate all award winners in this Builder Awards edition and wish you continued success!

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Even more inspiration at DORACO

On Thursday, January 18th, 2018, for the second time already, DORACO head office was visited by high-school students wishing to get acquainted with the reality of construction company operations, gain basic knowledge on structural elements of buildings and the specifics of materials being used. The meeting was held as part of the Inspiring Examples programme, which presents attractive aspects of Pomeranian entrepreneurship to young people.

This time DORACO was visited by 12 students of the 2nd High School in Sopot. As before, they were asked to build a construction, under the supervision of DORACO engineers, using uncommon components: tape, jellies and spaghetti pasta. Then their creation was load tested. This way the participants got to know basic rules of construction, stimulated their creativity and learned teamwork. And it was the teamwork that was found essential by young people, who shared their impressions regarding the workshop:

“I’ve learned how to schedule tasks well, work in a group, break stereotypes connected with gender in construction works and also, that even the smallest advice may prove helpful. It was a very nice experience,” Iga said.

Young people discovered that each task contributed to the final success of the group:

“I’ve learned that in teamwork each role counts, even the most (potentially) insignificant one. At first I’d worried that all I was good at was cutting the tape, but then the tape proved to be the key element of the construction. Thank you,” Agata summarized.

The workshop on building a structure consisting of rather unusual elements such as jellies showed young people the basics of construction:

“I know now how a proper structure looks like and which of its elements are the most important. I’ve also learned to share ideas and select the best one,” Ola explained.

The visit ended with a meeting with Ilona Płoszyńska, DORACO HR Manager, who told the high-school students about current labour market needs and expectations the Doraco Construction Corporation had as an employer.

The next meeting with young people will be held in March. And below a short photoreport.

fot. Doraco