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Centennial of Independence Medal for the President of the Management Board of DORACO

During this year’s Entrepreneurial Gdańsk gala, which took place on 8 October in Artus Court, DORACO President of the Board, Andżelika Cieślowska received the Centennial of Independence Medal. The award, on the anniversary of Poland’s regaining independence, was given to people whose actions have a positive impact on the city and its development. Among the distinguished were entrepreneurs, cultural activists and educators.

– Thank you for the award. This success is the result of the daily work and commitment of all DORACO employees. We are a company with Gdańsk roots, so we will continue to work with great joy for the development of the city – said Andżelika Cieślowska.

More information about the gala can be found at: gdansk.pl

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