IAESTE Caseweek workshops are over!

On 11-12 April 2019, already for the 4th time students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Environment of the Gdańsk University of Technology constructed roofs under supervision of DORACO engineers. All this within the IAESTE Caseweek, all-Polish engineering workshops aimed at bringing the academic and business milieu closer and at enabling students of technical majors to use knowledge in practice, learnt during the educational process.

The workshops were attended by 4 teams of students that built roofs of halls based on their designs, drawn up according to DORACO’s guidelines. Afterwards, the prepared models were subject to load trials. Economic issues were of significance too i.e. the quantity of used materials and time.

The best outcome was achieved by a group composed of: Joanna Sulikowska, Patrycja Gratkowska, Karolina Górecka, Łukasz Barański, Patryk Dułak and Maciej Król. It is they that are invited by us to take part in internships at DORACO during which they will be able to perfect their expertise acquired during studies in practice.

We sincerely congratulate the winners and thank all for taking part in our workshops!

ph. Doraco

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Fields of Hope in DORACO

On Sunday, 7 April 2019, on the premises of DORACO gardens, an event within the action of the Fields of Hope in Pomerania was held. Volunteers, with yellow jonquils in their hands, gathered funds for the benefit of Pomerania hospices. DORACO staff members along with families took part in the action again. As usual, we could count on athletes from GKS Kowale 2007/2008 who, together with coach Krzysztof Bartoszuk, were also among the volunteers.

DORACO team collected PLN 2,134.42 in total! We would like to warmly thank all for participation in this year’s fund-raising.

Ph. GKS Kowale