DORACO at the BEST Career Meeting 2019

On Wednesday, 22 May this year, at the Gdańsk University of Technology another edition of the BEST Career Meeting was held. It is a cycle of meetings of students with representatives of enterprises, aimed at integrating the academic milieu with business environment. Thus, DORACO had to be present at the event. It was represented by Radosław Preiss, a Member of the Management Board.

He prepared workshops referred to as “Prior to digging in the first spade i.e. how to have a full portfolio of building orders and how to build for 30 years with profit!” The subject matter of the workshops encompassed issues related to actions preceding commencement of construction of an investment as well as principles on functioning of individual organizational units of a company, based on personal professional experience of the lecturer.

Students of various majors of the Gdańsk University of Technology, inter alia, architecture, construction and management were listeners of the workshops. After having heard the lecture, they asked a number of questions to the lecturer, pertaining among others to functioning of the building company in evolving market conditions, rules of cooperation with subcontractors, tender selection criteria. They also questioned about the company’s expectations towards new staff members, what qualifications of students are most desirable from the perspective of an employer etc.

At the meeting, students could additionally benefit from talks and recruitment advice as well as file their CVs at the DORACO stand, run by Karolina Niedźwiecka, Eng.

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