DORACO carries out the reconstruction of the Western Embankment with Platform A and C in Gdynia Nava

It is our great pleasure to inform that the Regional Infrastructure Management in Gdynia has chosen the DORACO’s offer as the best one to carry out the task: “Execution of hydroconstruction, construction, sanitary and electric works consisting in the reconstruction of the Western Embankment with Platform A and C in Gdynia Naval Base”.

The task consists in the reconstruction of the 305-metre-long Western Embankment, 87.5-metre-long platform A and 93-metre-long platform C. DORACO shall provide, amongst others, new construction elements: sheet pile and piles, as well as reinforced concrete pile cap; new transformer station, grids and installations.

This is yet another hydrotechnical investment carried out by DORACO in Gdynia. This time it is special due to the character of the location – strategic for Poland’s security. “It’s a great obligation for us. However, I’m sure that thanks to proven and experienced staff, works in the Naval Base will be executed according to schedule and that the new objects will be ready for commission in 2021,” said Karol Zduńczyk, President of the Management Board, DORACO.

According to plans, the investment will take 27 months to complete and the offer’s gross value amounts to PLN 83,704,128.81.

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Lion and plaque commemorating Paweł Adamowicz in DORACO gardens

A special ceremony was held on 11 August this year in DORACO gardens. Family and friends of the late Mayor Paweł Adamowicz, invited guests and people visiting the gardens witnessed the unveiling of a sculpture of a lion and a plaque commemorating the tragically deceased steward of Gdańsk.

The city of Gdańsk is indispensably associated with lions. The oldest ones have been supporting the City’s coat-of-arms since the 15th century. The newest Hewelions, beloved by both the tourists as well as the inhabitants, are located in various parts of the city. The idea was inspired by the lions decorating the Four Quarters Fountain in Gdańsk. Hence, their co-author, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Ewa Koprowska was invited to participate in the initiative. “I’m proud that my yet another work has been put up in Gdańsk. I’m honoured that I had an opportunity to be a part of this project”.

The initiative has been initiated and founded by Andrzej Haas, longtime friend of Paweł Adamowicz, owner of Hass Holding, including, amongst other DORACO. “As journalist Łukasz Mężyk said, Paweł Adamowicz was the Gdańsk lion – one of the most mature, most interesting and most creative politicians. Lion symbolises courage, triumph and action. The Mayor embodied all these features,” said Andrzej Hass during the ceremony held on Sunday. “Simultaneously, Paweł was doing good, helping those in need discreetly, out of the spotlight. He loved Gdańsk and its inhabitants most, which he stressed over and over again in his words and actions”.

Family, friends, but also passers-by, the inhabitants of Gdańsk, talked about the late Mayor. An exhibition prepared by the Gdańsk Community Foundation, entitled “Gdańsk of Paweł Adamowicz” also provided an opportunity to discuss Paweł Adamowicz’s activities. The exhibition has been located in the gardens in Opacka Street on the occasion of the ceremony. Artur Sychowski’s piano concert added splendour to the ceremony.

The plaque and the sculpture are located near the fountain in the Doraco gardens. They can be seen within the operating hours of Park Oliwski (Oliwa Park).


ph. DORACO, Magdalena i Teresa Adamowicz, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, President of Gdańsk

ph. DORACO, Magdalena, Antonina i Teresa Adamowicz, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, President of Gdańsk

ph. DORACO, Magdalena, i Teresa Adamowicz, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, President of Gdańsk, Andrzej Hass, owner of Hass Holding