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DORACO at Maritime Economy Forum 2019

19th edition of the Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia was held on Friday, 11 October this year. It is the most important maritime industry event in the region and in entire Poland. The Forum provides discussion platform for sharing experiences and opinions in a group of the most important partners and experts from the maritime economy sector.

This year’s edition was participated by a few hundred guests, experts and speakers from Poland and abroad. The plenary part was inaugurated by the Mayor of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek and the President of the Management Board of Inter Marine Group of Companies Sławomir Kalicki, and participated by, inter alia Adam Meller, President of the Management Board, Port Morski w Gdyni S.A. and Radosław Pachecki, head of project for maritime logistics, PGE Baltica.

We are pleased to inform that Karol Zduńczyk, President of the Management Board, DORACO, took the floor during the plenary session. Karol Zduńczyk and Professor engineer Damian Bocheński, PhD, professor of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Vice-Dean for Organization of Studies at the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology, raised the issue connected with professional education in the context of attracting qualified employees. The speakers presented the business/science cooperation model as a significant aspect of this issue based on the cooperation between DORACO and the Gdańsk University of Technology. It is worth reminding that since 2018, the company has been the patron of the Interdepartmental Faculty of Marine and Coastal Engineering at the Gdansk University of Technology. DORACO experts conduct cyclical classes for students. Moreover, the company offers trainings and apprenticeships at its hydrotechnical construction sites. Ultimately, students will have a chance to be employed by the company.

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