President of DORACO as a participant of the debate on economic risks in 2020

on economic risks in 2020. The President of DORACO Karol Zduńczyk spoke of hazards and challenges from the perspective of a general contractor.

The president mentioned, inter alia, the problem of a shortage of staff and increasing labour costs. He indicated the constant growth in the number of performed investments, leading to large demand for building materials, which has a periodic influence on their unavailability and increased prices. He paid attention to the reduction of new guarantee limits, which is reflected in low profitability of implemented contracts. Therefore, general contractors are reducing innovative activities, e.g. use of modern technologies or materials. The concern related to the coronavirus epidemic in China was added to the already existing hazards. It may impinge on a decline of production and in consequence on an increase in prices, e.g. for stainless steel or black sheet metal.

Conclusions from the meeting as well as the report – ‘Ranking of economic risks 2020. A decade of fear comes to an end. What decade is beginning?’ by SpotData and KUKE – are available in a full account of the event at Puls Biznesu.

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