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DORACO with a new contract in the Port of Gdynia!

We are pleased to inform that yesterday in the Port of Gdynia, the DORACO Management Board signed an agreement for implementation of a subsequent investment for this Investor, entitled “Reconstruction of the Northern Pilot Groyne (Ostroga Pilotowa) in the Port of Gdynia”.

Reconstruction of the Northern Groyne aims at making it possible for large container vessels with length of up to 400 m to enter the Port of Gdynia. The work will consist in widening the entry between the existing groynes to 140 m (the current width comes to 100 m), by demolishing approx. 43 RM of the Northern Groyne and general reconstruction of the remaining section to enable performance of dredging works in the next stage to a depth of -16.0 m.

The scope of DORACO’s work, planned for 46 weeks, includes:

  • demolition of the construction part of the Northern Groyne along the length of 42.7 m (approx. 600 m2) from the side of the Pilot Entry, its shortening to a length of approx. 57.1 m;
  • reconstruction of the remaining part of the Northern Groyne along the length of 57.1 m to adapt the structure to a technical depth of -16.0 m from the side of the Pilot Entry;
  • building a waving arrester on the eastern side of the Northern Groyne;
  • building a shore housing 25 m long at the bottom of the Northern Groyne from the side of the Outer Port;
  • electrical and sanitary work.

More about the investment

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