Construction of a quay on Mikołajskie Lake awarded in the Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st – century competition.

We are pleased to announce that the quay construction at Mikołajskie Lake received the honorable title of best building in the category of sports and recreation facilities in the prestigious competition “Modernization of the Year & Construction of the 21st century” for 2020.

According to the organizer, the Association for the Protection of National Material Heritage, this competition is an initiative to set new trends in construction, promoting the best modernization and construction projects. The competition rewards investors, contractors, and designers for an actual realization as a joint work of three entities. This is one element that distinguishes this competition from other events of this kind, which are usually addressed only to one of the groups, such as investors or designers. The competition aims to select construction projects: modernization and new structures in urban space completed in a given year, which stand out due to their exceptional value in the aspects of quality, functionality, urban planning, and aesthetics. The Competition Jury, consisting of representatives of the organizers and persons appointed by the Organizing Committee and the Competition Chapter, visits all the sites qualified for the finals.

In the 25th Jubilee edition of the competition, over 470 projects from all over Poland took part, and over 87 qualified for the finals. In the strict top ten, there were projects representing most of the Polish regions.

The award ceremony took place on September 22nd at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Commemorative statuettes and diplomas were received by representatives of the Investor, the Mikołajki Municipality – Joanna Wróbel and Rafal Chwidziewicz, and the President of the DORACO Management Board, Karol Zduńczyk.

Below is the moment of the award presentation (material from the organizer), and details of the project in Mikołajki can be found here.



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