Completion of the redevelopment of quays in the Naval Port of Gdynia

On November 19th this year, the quays constructed as part of the task entitled “The execution of hydrotechnical, structural, sanitary and electrical works consisting in the reconstruction of the Western Quay with Pier A and Pier C in the Naval Port of Gdynia,” were officially commissioned.

To the order of the Regional Board of Infrastructure in Gdynia, the DORACO Construction Corporation, as the general contractor, executed the reconstruction of the 305 m long Western Quay and demolition and construction of new piers: Pier A and Pier C, with a total length of 180.5 m. The project included new structural elements such as sheet pile walls, piles, and a reinforced concrete cap. A new transformer station building was also erected, along with power, telecommunications, water and sewage works, compressed air, rainwater drainage systems, and networks with a pumping station and separator.

As part of the task, DORACO executed modern hydraulic engineering structures meeting the latest safety standards and requirements for servicing military vessels, providing them with full access to the port infrastructure.

The works lasted 27 months.


Another project by DORACO in Węgorzewo

DORACO will modernize the Węgorzewo Canal! On November 22nd in Węgorzewo City Hall, an agreement was signed to execute this task, thanks to which the canal will gain suitable technical parameters, necessary navigational depths, and patency. Let us remind you that it is the next investment within the scope of the Great Mazurian Lakes infrastructure modernization undertaking – works connected with shores reinforcement and unblocking the Węgorapa River, which are in progress.

The Węgorzewo Canal is a navigable canal on the main Pisz-Węgorzewo route in the Great Mazurian Lakes system. It is 920 m long. The works include dismantling destroyed bank reinforcements and the construction of new fortification of the canal banks. The canal bed will also be cleaned and unblocked. The dredging will be performed to the depth of 1.6 m.

The cost of the Węgorzewo Canal renovation is nearly PLN 21 million, and the works will last until October next year.

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Students of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Gdansk University of Technology visited the GRANARIA construction site

On Friday, 5 November, we hosted a group of construction students from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Granaria construction site on the Granary Island in Gdańsk. The main topic of the visit was the organization of the construction site and logistics within the downtown development. DORACO engineers, on the basis of their knowledge and experience, presented the challenges facing the contractor during the implementation of facilities in the inner city, as well as technological solutions used on the construction site to optimize operations. It was a very interesting meeting – thank you all for your presence, inspiring questions and involvement.