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New Contract for the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority

On Friday, December 17th this year, the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority signed a contract to execute works under the project name: “Expansion and modernization of the technical infrastructure in the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujscie.”

The task will include new construction and the modernization of the existing technical infrastructure, including water, heat, gas, and electricity networks, teletechnical works (including modernization of the monitoring system and telemetric system, automation of entrance gates service) and fire/technical systems, as well as rainwater drainage and sanitary sewerage. DORACO will also perform the necessary demolition and dismantling of the existing technical infrastructure and construct any new infrastructure required for its proper functioning, e.g., access roads, paving, protective barriers, etc. The scope of the task also includes the execution of ferry power supply points from the onshore network and a system to receive sanitary sewage.


DORACO will rebuild the Fishing Port in Frombork

On Friday, December 10th, the contract for the redevelopment of the Frombork Fishing Port was officially signed. The modernization of the port is entirely financed from the state budget, namely from the investment funds of the Maritime Office in Gdynia. The contract is worth PLN 17 million, and DORACO has 20 months to complete the works.

“I am glad that this is another project implemented by the Maritime Office in Gdynia on the Vistula Lagoon. We want the ports of the Vistula Lagoon to develop along with the substantial investment that is the construction of a shipping canal through the Vistula Spit. Thanks to this investment, the inhabitants and the whole region will benefit,”  said Grzegorz Witkowski, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure.

As a result of the reconstruction, the usable parameters of the port will be improved, including the acceptable payload and its deepening (from -1.5 m to -2.5 m).

“Thanks to the reconstruction, the hydrotechnical structure will be improved, which is currently in poor technical condition. The port basin will also be enlarged and deepened, which will increase the number of berths, the size of entering vessels, and enhance the safety of navigation,” said Wiesław Piotrzkowski, the director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia.

Safety conditions will also be ensured by replacing the equipment of the quays and the surface, rebuilding the slip, and providing development elements and technical infrastructure (including connections, lighting, hydrants).

“In Frombork, the city of Nicolaus Copernicus, and the medieval cathedral complex, the fishing harbor has both economic and tourist significance. The ‘new opening’ of the waters of the Vistula Lagoon after the navigation canal through the Vistula Spit is a great chance to increase tourist traffic, along with the passenger fleet. It attempts to get out of the pattern of one-day stays of tourists in our area, which has become almost a standard nowadays. The next step of development will be efforts to obtain external funding for the further development of the zone ‘B’ of the area of spa protection, the continuation of modernization of the breakwater, the so-called ‘old pier,’ or the creation of a marina for various vessel types, which would become a component and a natural complement of the western part of Frombork harbor,”  said Frombork Mayor Zbigniew Pietkiewicz.

The reconstruction will cover the western quay, the eastern quay, the southern quay, the slip, the surface of the quay and its backup facilities, and the necessary water supply, sewage, and electrical installations.

Renovation works will concentrate on the eastern and western breakwaters (including replacing the surface, fenders, exit ladders, supplementing cap defects) and the shore band on the eastern and western sides. The expected volume of the dredging works will amount to approx. 7,250 m3.

“This is another hydro-engineering project in the DORACO portfolio. The experience of our staff in carrying out complicated projects in this field allows me to be confident about the success of this contract,” says Karol Zduńczyk, President of the Management Board of DORACO. “Within the scope of the works, we are planning, among other things, demolition, earth, hydro-technical, sanitary, and electrical works. This investment will improve the berthing conditions for vessels, the conditions for unloading and handling, and the protection of the port basin against excessive waves. The port infrastructure in Poland is developing, and we are proud again to have the pleasure of participating in this development.”


DORACO is among the 100 largest Polish general contractors!

We are pleased to announce that in the third edition of the Builder Poland ranking of Poland’s 100 largest general contractors, DORACO has taken the 33rd position, moving up ten places compared to last year. This result gives us satisfaction and motivates us to work further.

The ranking is prepared by the monthly magazine Builder, in cooperation with PwC Poland and Dun & Bradstreet. According to the organizers, “The purpose of the project is to increase the transparency of the construction industry in Poland and strengthen confidence in construction companies through the publication of a full, reliable and credible listing of the financial position of industry leaders.”

For the complete list, visit Builder website


Completion of the redevelopment of quays in the Naval Port of Gdynia

On November 19th this year, the quays constructed as part of the task entitled “The execution of hydrotechnical, structural, sanitary and electrical works consisting in the reconstruction of the Western Quay with Pier A and Pier C in the Naval Port of Gdynia,” were officially commissioned.

To the order of the Regional Board of Infrastructure in Gdynia, the DORACO Construction Corporation, as the general contractor, executed the reconstruction of the 305 m long Western Quay and demolition and construction of new piers: Pier A and Pier C, with a total length of 180.5 m. The project included new structural elements such as sheet pile walls, piles, and a reinforced concrete cap. A new transformer station building was also erected, along with power, telecommunications, water and sewage works, compressed air, rainwater drainage systems, and networks with a pumping station and separator.

As part of the task, DORACO executed modern hydraulic engineering structures meeting the latest safety standards and requirements for servicing military vessels, providing them with full access to the port infrastructure.

The works lasted 27 months.


Another project by DORACO in Węgorzewo

DORACO will modernize the Węgorzewo Canal! On November 22nd in Węgorzewo City Hall, an agreement was signed to execute this task, thanks to which the canal will gain suitable technical parameters, necessary navigational depths, and patency. Let us remind you that it is the next investment within the scope of the Great Mazurian Lakes infrastructure modernization undertaking – works connected with shores reinforcement and unblocking the Węgorapa River, which are in progress.

The Węgorzewo Canal is a navigable canal on the main Pisz-Węgorzewo route in the Great Mazurian Lakes system. It is 920 m long. The works include dismantling destroyed bank reinforcements and the construction of new fortification of the canal banks. The canal bed will also be cleaned and unblocked. The dredging will be performed to the depth of 1.6 m.

The cost of the Węgorzewo Canal renovation is nearly PLN 21 million, and the works will last until October next year.

For more about Mazovian investments, visit: https://cutt.ly/uTHn1au




Students of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Gdansk University of Technology visited the GRANARIA construction site

On Friday, 5 November, we hosted a group of construction students from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Granaria construction site on the Granary Island in Gdańsk. The main topic of the visit was the organization of the construction site and logistics within the downtown development. DORACO engineers, on the basis of their knowledge and experience, presented the challenges facing the contractor during the implementation of facilities in the inner city, as well as technological solutions used on the construction site to optimize operations. It was a very interesting meeting – thank you all for your presence, inspiring questions and involvement.



Informational Meeting at the Port of Szczecin Concerning Works Progress in the Region of the Kaszuby Basin

On 14 October this year at the Port of Szczecin, there was an informational meeting at which works progress connected with the ‘Improvement of access to the Port in Szczecin in the region of the Kaszuby Basin,’ whose general contractor is DORACO was discussed. At present, the works were completed in 30% in terms of material progress and 23.5% in financial terms.

From entering the construction site last year, the works started simultaneously at several worksites envisaged to be performed in the first stage. They include: the reconstruction of the Chorzowskie and Gliwicki Uskok Wharves, works related to the landing at the Notecki Basin and construction of the new Zamykające Wharf, construction of the new Dąbrowieckie Wharf along with a dolphin wharf, corner casing at Ostrów Mieleński and the Mieleńska Łąka Islands, as well as partial dredging works at the wharves of the Kaszuby Basin to a depth of 12.5 m. At this stage, approx. four hundred meters of wharves will be modernized, and the same number of new ones created.

It is significant that from the perspective of safety, the dredging works are preceded by surveys and works consisting in cleaning the bottom to remove ferromagnetic substances. The bottom in the region of the Basin was examined and 40% cleaned to remove ferromagnetic materials.

More than 3,000 tonnes of tight sheet piling walls were delivered to the investment site to perform the tasks, which accounts for 100% of the needs, and 400 pipes (3,100 tonnes), representing 70% of the requirements.

The whole shore casing was executed on the Dąbrowieckie Wharf utilizing a combined, tight wall. The entire pile system planned was also embedded in the ground. Reinforcement and concreting works on the wharf board are underway. At the wharf, dredging works are in progress, allowing the construction of a dolphin wharf. Output from the dredging works is put aside in the Notecki Basin.

Furthermore, on the Chorzowskie Wharf, sections 7-13, walls of the existing wharf and other infrastructure elements to the third track were demolished. The whole temporary shore casing made from a combined, tight sheet pile wall together with temporary backfilling is completed. Works related to the burial of the target sheet pile wall are underway.

Concerning the Gliwickie-Uskok Wharf, the existing surface material was demolished, and a new pile wall was made. Preparatory works aimed at anchoring it in the ground using micropiles are in progress and next the reconstruction of the Uskok surface will be undertaken.

Around the Notecki Basin, the existing surface is being demolished. Works connected with setting the sanitary sewage systems are continued. Approx. 40% of the new sheet pile wall closing the basin was dug in the ground.

With regard to Ostrów Mieleński and the Mieleńska Łąka Islands, their corners are being secured and encased. Existing greenery colliding with the wall was removed. Works related to the burial of the wall on the corner of the Ostrów Mieleński Island are underway.

Ph. DORACO. Karol Zduńczyk, President of the Board and Igor Obszański, Contract director, DORACO

Let’s remind that within the framework of the project DORACO will reconstruct around 1,000 meters of wharves (Chorzowskie, Chorzowskie Uskok, Gliwickie Uskok, Katowickie), and more than 400 meters of completely new wharves will be constructed at Dąbrowieckie and Zamykające. The Kaszuby Basin will be deepened assuring maneuvering basins for ships to a technical depth of 12.5m. The bottom of the Chorzowskie Uskok Wharf at the ro-ro ramp will be reinforced with a so-called gabion mattress. The project will be complemented by works related to reconstructing railway and road systems and modernization of the following network systems: water supply, sewage, power, and teletechnical. The completion of the works is scheduled for Q3 2023.

The project “Improvement of Access to the Port in Szczecin in the Region of the Kaszuby Basin” is co-financed from funds of the European Union from the Cohesion Fund within the framework of the Infrastructure and the Environment operational program (POIiŚ). The cost of the works is nearly PLN 223 million. The investor of the project is the Zarząd Morskich Portów Szczecin i Świnoujście S.A., the General Contractor is the Building Corporation DORACO Sp. z o.o., and SMCE Europe Sp. z o.o. supervises the project.


DORACO as a Laureate of the Crystals of Public Tenders 2021 award

We are pleased to inform you about the following distinction for DORACO for the wharf completion at Mikołajskie Lake! The project was honored with a prize in the Crystals Competition of Public Tenders 2021, in Category IV: Revitalizing Public Space and Protecting Historic Buildings.

According to the Organizer, the publisher of the monthly “Przetargi Publiczne” the prize aims to promote and disseminate the application of the best principles and practices in the field of public procurement contracts both on the part of contracting authorities and contractors. Over 100 investments were applied for in this year’s 13th edition of the competition from all over Poland, completed between 1 January 2020 and 31 July 2021. From amongst them, the Jury of the Award whose members are authorities in the field of public procurement contracts: Ewa Wiktorowska – President of the All-Polish Association of Public Procurement Consultants (Chairperson of the Jury), solicitor Zbigniew Pawlak, Włodzimierz Dzierżanowski, Ph.D., Professor Andrzej Panasiuk, Ph.D., solicitor Grzegorz Mazurek, and Elżbieta Sobczuk – editor-in-chief of “Przetargi Publiczne” – chose the six best projects.

The prizes were awarded on 11 October this year at the 16th Forum of Public Tenders in Jachranka.

Ph. Marcin Oliva Soto

Congratulations to all winners!