DORACO Construction Corporation, in partnership with PBG SA Group, commences the following project: Construction of the Children and Youth Training Centre along with reconstruction and extension of the City Stadium named after Florian Krygier in Szczecin, football fields and accompanying infrastructure.

The investment will encompass construction and equipping of:

a building of the Children and Youth Training Centre (2-storey building with area of 2,100 m2 and cubic capacity of more than 11,500 m3),

together with a complex of six pitches (including three with hybrid surface and one built-up, so-called “balloon”), construction of four stands of the City Stadium and surrounding infrastructure i.e. car-parks, access roads and pavements.

The new Stadium will be the seventh stadium in terms of size in Poland (over 20,500 seats).

The project will take 36 months to complete.