The investment project consisted of reconstruction of the western part of the waterfront , which will allow the mooring PANAMAX type vessels with dimensions of 245m x 34,5 m x 12,7 m and capacity 63000DWT.

The project involved the following works:

Reconstruction of hydraulic engineering structures over a length of 392.4 m mooring line ejecting the water by 1 m;
Dredging works to a depth of 13.5 m (without strengthening the base) – along the reconstructed section of the waterfront;
Strengthening of the bottom of the underwater slopes;
Reconstruction of the railway system and the paving section of 484mb on the side of the Danish waterfront ;
Reconstruction of sewerage system, rain, water, energy and telecommunication in the section of waterfront.

The project was a part of a 600 million pln 2013-2015 investment program aimed at expansion and modernization of the port’s infrastructure. It was commissioned in November 2015.

Reconstruction of Swedish Quay in Gdynia – Stage I: November 2014

Reconstruction of Swedish Quay in Gdynia – Stage II: August 2015