The Szelfowe estate in Gdynia is a complex of two multi-family buildings (Kormoran and Perkoz) designed in modern, subdued architecture in the style of Gdynia modernism, optimally integrated into the existing buildings, while maintaining balanced aesthetics, form and colors.

The 9-storey KORMORAN building is shaped in such a way as to ensure maximum use of sunlight. 34 apartments have been designed in the building, services on the ground floor, and technical and utility rooms in the underground part.

The 5-story building “PERKOZ” fits in with its dimensions and location in Al. Zwycięstwa. It has a two-level underground car park, providing parking spaces for all residents of the estate. In front of the building from Al. Zwycięstwa on the roof of the garage, gardens for one-story flats and small green architecture for the residents of the estate have been designed, completely shielded from the street with a green screen.