The new WETI PG (Gdańsk University of Technology) building was designed as a 4-storey building, without a basement, with a flat roof. In the form of a building block, with a “Y” plan, 4 blocks (parts) A, B, C and D were separated. The primary function of the building is the function of teaching and laboratory equipment, and supporting are : administrative , catering and maintenance .

The building has two members: Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics PG and service center of the Tri-City Academic Computer Network.

Finishing of the building:

  • Curtain wall structural glazing
  • The facade of sandstone (“Radkow” mine)
  • Raised floor in rooms TASK
  • Body aluminum wall system and the server computer labs
  • System sanitary cabins
  • Sliding wall, dividing the space of Auditorium Acoustic into two parts
  • Acoustic panels of the walls and ceilings in Auditorium I
  • Mobile racks and gate control in the branch of Main Library
  • A microwave absorbers for anechoic chambers in the Antennas Laboratory
  • Passenger lifts without machine
  • Automation, control and management of BMS (Building Management System) installations and security
  • Multimedia installations


Land use : 11 784 m2