The project entitled: “The Modernization of the Węgorzewo Canal” is a component of the undertaking: “Construction and redevelopment of infrastructure related to the development of the economic functions of the Great Mazurian Lakes waterway, including the construction of the ‘Guzianka II’ lock and renovation of the ‘Guzianka I’ lock / Stage III – renovation of the ‘Guzianka I’ lock, renovation of the lock and weir in Karwik, the weir in Kwik, unblocking of the Great Mazurian Lakes waterway by carrying out hydrotechnical work on the canals and their connections with the lakes, reconstruction and reinforcement of 3 canals and the Węgorapa River, reconstruction of the lakeside of Mikołajskie and Niegocin Lakes.”

The Węgorzewo Canal is a navigable canal on the main Pisz-Węgorzewo route in the Great Mazurian Lakes system. It is 920 m long.

DORACO’s task is to rebuild the Węgorzewo Canal’s reinforcement to restore its proper technical parameters, necessary navigational depths, and patency. The project aims to improve the safety of navigation and secure the canal’s banks against wave scouring caused by the flow of vessels.

Scope of DORACO works includes:

  • the dismantling of destroyed bank reinforcement and execution of new reinforcement of the canal banks,
  • the cleaning and unblocking of the canal,
  • dredging works performed to the depth of 1.6 m,
  • marking the navigable route.